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What is a YoYo Balloon?

The YoYo Balloon is a small water and air-filled balloon made of thick latex material. Unlike a regular balloon, the YoYo Balloon is stronger and can stay inflated for up to 1-2 weeks. Our patented clipping technology is what gives the YoYo Balloon its strength.

Attached a rubber band, slip it on your middle finger then give it a push! Unlike an ordinary yoyo, the YoYo Balloon is GUARANTEED to COME BACK!

It can be inflated up to the size of a baseball (3” in diameter) and comes in 10 attractive colors.

YoYo Balloon is a low investment, lucrative item that is irresistible to anyone who likes to have FUN!

YoYo Balloon FAQ's

Why do my clips keep breaking in the clip-it fixture?
The activity of the balloon demands a tight seal. Stretching the neck and twisting the YoYo Balloon 3 times makes it possible for the clip to seal tight.  If it is not stretched enough the clip will break because there is too much latex in the opening.  Stretching makes the latex thinner, allowing the clip to close easily.  Please see the assembly instructions below for more details.

My YoYo Balloons are losing air very quickly. Some of the clips stay on, but fall apart at the end of the day?
We have discovered that the fixtures do wear with use.  First try using a new fixture.  We provide an extra fixture free in each bags of 500 with clips (#7500CF).  If they continue to break, then the answer above also applies here.  We have not had any defective clips reported up to this time.  Stretching the neck, even when you are in a hurry, will guarantee a tight seal.

My customers are coming back with broken strings. What can I do?
The strings are made to hold the weight of 1-1/2 oz of water.  The YoYo Balloon is easier for a beginner to use if there is a little more water in the balloon.  However, if the strings are breaking, use a little less water when filling the balloon.  An over-aggressive customer may have a problem with a string breaking.  It is good to keep a supply of extra rubber bands on hand for good customer service.  During storage keep the strings away from direct heat and sunlight.

The weather will be warm at my next show. Will the YoYo Balloons survive? What can I do?
There are several options here, depending on your location and the amount of space you have in your booth.  KEEP BALLOONS OUT OF THE SUN or extreme heat.
Idea #1- Keep a supply in a large cooler or dark plastic bag under the counter until you're ready to sell them.  You need a few for display, but the most important YoYo Balloon on display is the one in your hand. Keep it moving... it will bring in sales.
Idea #2- Purchase a small child's pool or large bucket and float your YoYo Balloons in water.  Kids love to get their hands wet as they reach in the water to pick out their YoYo Balloon.  Some of our customers have put fountains in the pool to keep their YoYo Balloons wet and cool.

My YoYo balloons come out looking like pears instead of like a baseball. What am I doing wrong?
First, remember you want the yoyo to fit easily into the hand.  Over-inflating the YoYo Balloon may result in a pear shape.
TIP: Use luke warm water when filling the balloons.  Make sure the tip of the pump is in the round part of the balloon before you begin to pump in the water and air.

How can I protect the YoYo Balloons I have left over so that I can sell them again next week?
Store your YoYo Balloons in black trash bags, punching a few holes for air.  Put the bags in a cool place.  The bottom of a closet is best place if you do not have a basement.  Some customers have old refrigerators in the garage they can set at low temperatures and store their YoYo Balloons.

I have the large piston pump, and it is not pumping the air like it used to. Do I have to buy a new one?
Not necessarily.  Pull the pump apart and straighten the rubber seal with your fingers.  This should improve its performance.  You can purchase new rubber seals under our accessories section or by calling our office.  If you are inflating more than 500 YoYo Balloons a week, the Clear Piston Pump (CPP) is the best choice.

I would love to have YoYo Balloons for Special Holidays and School Events. Do you have other custom imprints besides the Smiley Face YoYo Balloons?
Yes, now we have Alien Face YoYo Balloons in GREEN, BLUE or PURPLE. Also you can order custom designed YoYo Balloons in bags of 500 per design.  We need camera ready, black & white, copies of the imprint you need.  It takes 6 weeks to process custom orders, so order well in advance.  Please go to the custom imprint section on our website for more details.

Some colors of the YoYo Balloon sell better for me. Can I order just these colors?
Yes.  You may purchase our YoYo Balloons with designs in packages of one color in the 100 count bag or the 500 count bag.  The pricing is the same as the assorted bag.  Please contact our office if you would like to place a specific order.

YoYo Balloon Tips:

DEMONSTRATE ! PLAY ! ENJOY ! BE HAPPY ! THEN DEMONSTRATE SOME MORE ! Have children play with YoYo Balloons at your booth.
The YoYo Balloon will not sell itself sitting in the box.  People need to be shown what it is and how fun it can be.  You want to sell 500 a weekend or more?  Start playing with the YoYo Balloon.  Throw it out and catch it.  Throw it hard, so that it makes a slapping noise when you catch it.  Or just swing it in all directions.  Laugh & have fun, and the profits will start rolling in.  The better you play the more you will sell.  Make your booth sound like a party is going on.

Hang up the YoYo Balloons where people can see them.
Some of our vendors string a wire across the front of their booth and hang them up with hooks.  Some have old fashioned hat racks.  Some have found rotating hook racks.  The large vendors of the YoYo Balloon have found that they need both the display and hanging balloons to create the effect that something exciting is going on.  Make your booth look exciting.

Float your YoYo Balloons in water!
Kids love a balloon.  Kids love to play with water.  Combine the two and you cannot lose.  Find a container that will fit your space, fill it with water, and add your inflated YoYo Balloons.  Some vendors use the small blow up swimming pools for this.  Reaching for their YoYo Balloon in the water makes it an added treat on a hot day.  It will keep your balloons cool as well!  Once in a while stir them up so that the same YoYo Balloons do not stay on top.

Line up the displays - Have more than one
It is important to make an impression on your customer.  Everyone wants to be a part of the latest action.  This can be partly achieved by lining up more that one display on a table.  Make it look interesting.  Maybe set them at different angles.  This will not take the place of the demonstration of the Yoyo Balloon, but it will help enhance what you are doing.

Pass Out 10 - 20 FREE YoYo Balloons at the beginning of the show or event.
The best advertising you can have is someone, especially a child, playing with the YoYo Balloon.  If children are walking around the show playing with your YoYo Balloons, other children will see them and want one too.  It is worth the price of the advertising.

Use the YoYo Balloon Banner to its fullest potential.
Our bright 3 foot YoYo Balloon Banner is the latest addition to our advertising aids, and boy is it exciting! Hang one in front of the table where you are selling.  Hang one overhead in front of your booth.  Hang one at the back of the booth.  Yellow has proven to be the number one color for advertising.  The physiological affect of this color awakens, cheers, and catches the eye.  Blue is cool and relaxing, green blends and the eye will pass over it, but yellow demands attention.  Use this to your advantage. 

Wear Your YoYo Balloon T-shirts and you become a walking sign.
If everyone in the booth is wearing a YoYo Balloon T-shirt, you have now declared the YoYo Balloon to be something special.  As you walk around the show on your breaks, you will be advertising the YoYo Balloon.  Sell the YoYo Balloon T-shirts in your booth.  See the shirts hanging up makes this Balloon an Action Item.  Make you and your booth impossible to pass without turning to see what is going on.

Choose the retail price that works best for you !
$1.00 is the standard price for the YoYo Balloon.  Most parents do not think long about spending a $1.00.  It is quick, requiring no change.  In a large crowd, dollar bills can be collected easily with no demand for change.  Our successful vendors tell us they will make more money overall when they charge $1.00.  However, if you are at a craft show or car show or boat show, etc. the story can change.  If there is not much offered for children at the show, you can easily get $2.00 - $3.00 per YoYo Balloon.  Set the price in the morning and keep it for a few hours.  Do not be afraid to lower your price in order to increase sales.

Set a goal for your sales AND and blow up only the YoYo Balloons you think you will need.
Analyze your show.  Look at how much is offered to the children.  Each child will have an average of $5.00 to spend.  Be realistic. Only a percentage will buy your product.  Remember, it is better sell out than to have merchandise left over. Increase the number of YoYo Balloons each week.  If you do have YoYo Balloons left over, put them in dark garbage bags and store in a cool place.

Consider selling Party Packs and 100 Count Bags of YoYo Balloons in your booth.
Everywhere you go people will want know where to get the YoYo Balloons.  A wise vendor will see the potential of working their way into a distributor by selling them to these customers. You be their supplier.  Contact the schools and churches in your area.  You could be the source of these YoYo Balloons for their fundraisers.  Begin by having Party Packs and 100 count bags in the booth with you. Plan ahead.  You could have additional income from this type of sale.

Assembly Instructions

Assembly Instructions 

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